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                 Journalist, novelist, musician/songwriter, photographer, proud native of the Louisiana bayous,

                    citizen of the world, gumbo chef, hiker, fisherman...and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize...


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"Wells is the Cajun Carl Hiaasen"--Tom Wolfe


"One of the most compelling voices in fiction of the last decade..."--The Los Angeles Times


"An adventure storyteller "of the first order..."--The Atlanta Constituion


"In the tradition of Tom Wolfe, Wells writes energetic satire....” —William J. Cobb

 The Dallas Morning News






       Ken's sixth novel, Swamped!, a fast-paced young adult survival story set in Louisiana's Great Atchafalaya Swamp, will be published by Virginia-based Koehler Books in December 2022. Ken has taken on a writing partner, his bright, talented and telegenic niece, Hillary Wells, to help with the dialogue and other writing chores. Click here for a summary of the novel and watch this space for updates!




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The rap on Wells...Hear "Mama's Cookin' Gumbo," the song Ken wrote about his momma's famous gumbo...Produced  and recorded by Pershing Wells at Digital Sac-a-Lait Studios, Houma, La.


Glossary--'envie', a craving

loup garou--the Cajun werewolf.






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Danny Pearl




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