I spend a lot of time photographing birds -- at home or wherever I travel. I find them the biggest challenge of everything I shoot. Most are small, many are elusive and they tend to move constantly. I've recently been experimenting with filters in Photoshop that allow me to render my bird photos into 'paintings' that mimic various techniques and styles -- oil, craqueleure and various other textures and brush strokes. Through experimentation, I sometimes get interesting results.  Here are some examples. -- KW


All images copyright Ken Wells 2016

Red legged honey-creeper, Costa Rica

Trogon, Costa Rica

Golden Eye, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Mallard drake, Duck Pond County Park, Ridgewood, N.J.

Long-tailed manakin, Costa Rica

Blue-crowned manakin, female, Costa Rica

Muscovy duck, Audubon Park, New Orleans

Yellow-crowned night heron, Costa Rica

Great egret, Costa Rica

Canada goose, Central Park, N.Y.