Eat Your Lawn!


Why Didn't the Bear Cross the Road?


The Race to Build a Super Battery


Can Nature Help Combat Sea-Level Rise?


One Man's Cancer Fight: Billiards and a Five-Foot Rifle


The Writing Life


Nature's Own Hedgefund


Every Home a Powerhouse: the Twilight of the U.S. Power Grid


The Man Who Lost $34 Billion


Big Government Republicans Love


How Al Gore Got Romney Rich


The Pork Rind Wars


Trouble in the Cajun Glades: a Disaster Bigger than BP


The Zydeco Diaspora





Author's Note*

Regrettably, some of these stories are locked behind paywalls so only headlines and a few paragraphs are visible unless you are a subscriber to The Wall Street Journal or the Bloomberg News service. I post them because they are representative of my rather eclectic interest in a number of subjects: the enviornment, renewable energy, medicine, food and, sometimes, just a good yarn.--KW